Indira Ghandi Institute of Child Health, Bangalore, India

Project identified by Drs. Catherine Owens and Samantha Sonnappa from GOSH, UK
Project lead: Cicero Silva

Project facts


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A WFPI tele-reading project is underway in the IGICH, a 250 bed children hospital supported by UNICEF and WHO. The hospital's radiology department performs an average of 1000 X-rays, 500 US and 150 CT scans per month with only one radiologist onsite.

The WFPI has had international volunteers ready to read for IGICH for some months and the WFPI's tele-reading platform, developed by the WFPI's Telecommunications Commitee, is now ready to go. There have been some glitches referral-side but the project should blossom and thrive in 2014.




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