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British Society of Neuroradiology

The BSNR announces a structured programme of webinars over two years covering the core curriculum for diagnostic neuroradiology training. This is primarily aimed at subspecialty training level - ST4/5(+) - but all are welcome.

These are currently on a Monday between 1 and 2pm (London time). Many of the tutorials will have associated pacsbin cases for you to scroll through yourselves during the teaching.

Please click on the following link ( to register for the live educational programme ia Zoom). You only have to register once and you will receive invites to all of the sessions. After registering you will receive a unique link to each session. 

The recordings of the entire 2 year program are also available. Please direct any queries, feedback or suggestions to the Training and Education Subcommittee on
The full program is:  


1. Intro to Paediatric Neuroimaging with Ms Jess Cooper and Dr Helen Cliffe (10/1/22)
2. Paediatric Stroke with Dr Helen Cliffe (17/1/22)
3. Demyelinating Disorders with Dr Dipayan Mitra (24/1/22)
4. Head & Neck Emergencies in Children with Dr Ata Siddiqui (31/1/22)
5. Paediatric Hydrocephalus with Dr Ulrike Loebel (7/2/22)
6. Abusive Craniospinal Trauma with Dr Adam Oates (14/2/22)
7. Paediatric Epilepsy with Dr Jozef Jarosz (21/2/22)
8. Paediatric CNS Infection with Dr Andrea Liu (28/2/22)
9. Spinal Dysraphism with Dr Kish Mankad (7/3/22)
10. Infratentorial tumours with Dr Ian Craven (14/3/22)
11. Supratentorial Tumours with Dr Kirsten Pearce (21/3/22)
12. Neonatal Encephalopathy with Dr Arpita Chattopadhyay (28/3/22)
13. Cortical Malformations with Dr Sniya Sudhakar (4/4/22)
14. Leukodystrophies with Dr Andy Mackinnon (11/4/22)



Royal College of Radiology (UK)

The Global webinar series was created for radiologists working around the world by the Royal College of Radiology. The first series ran in the summer of 2020, attracting over 6,500 views.  Recordings are available on the Royal College website. 

The second Global webinar series focussed on paediatric radiology. These webinar recordings are included: 

  1. Paediatric cardiac imaging for everyone - Dr Subhasis Chakraborty, Oxford University Hospitals and Chair, Clinical Radiology Professional Learning and Development Committee, The Royal College of Radiologists. In collaboration with the British Society of Paediatric Radiology
  2. Imaging of small bowel in children - Dr Joanna Kasznia-Brown, President, World Federation of Paediatric Imaging and Member of the International Committee, The Royal College of Radiologists. In collaboration with the European Society of Paediatric Radiology and World Federation of Paediatric Imaging
  3. Common pitfalls in paediatric neuroimaging - Professor Sanjay Prabhu, Harvard Medical School, Boston Children’s Hospital, USA. In collaboration with Society of Paediatric Radiology and World Federation of Paediatric Imaging 
  4. Paediatric nuclear medicine - Dr William Ramsden, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and Vice-President, The Royal College of Radiologists. 
  5. Diagnosis of MSK infections in children - Dr Jeannette Kraft, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
    In collaboration with the British Society of Paediatric Radiology
  6. Imaging in paediatric oncology - new developments - Speaker TBC. In collaboration with the European Society of Paediatric Radiology





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