WFPI Membership


WFPI membership is comprised of pediatric radiology societies or any other group, society or sections of societies, referred to as “organizations”, whose membership allows the WFPI to fulfill its purpose as set out in its bylaws. These organizations hold membership for and on behalf of the individual practitioners belonging to them.  No WFPI membership can be taken out on an individual basis. 
All members operate on a non-profit, non-political, inclusive and entirely non-discriminatory basis, and have a constitution or other formal document setting out their objectives and governance. 


  • Regional Members are pediatric radiology organizations representing more than one country and/or having an over-arching impact on their continent. These members are represented on the WFPI’s Council.
  • On any continent where there is more than one such pediatric radiology organization potentially eligible for Regional Member status, they will be regarded by the WFPI as a single body for this purpose, or one will be considered as represented by the other, unless their individual membership status can be justified.
  • At foundation, there was no suitable organization representing Africa, and the possibility of further division of the Asia-Pacific region to allow additional regional representation was noted.  
  • The updated list of Regional Members is set out in the WFPI’s internal regulations.

National and Supranational Members

  • National and Supranational Members are pediatric radiology  organizations representing one nation or cross-border federations based on geographical, linguistic or other common factors. Their respective Regional Member organizations represent them on the WFPI’s Council - they have no direct representation themselves. Normally, not more than one national or supranational organization covering the same geographical area may become a member, unless the WFPI Council passes a motion to the contrary.

Associate Member Organizations

  • Associate Member Organizations are radiology societies/bodies with pediatric sections/special interest groups and societies/bodies for all professions related to medical imaging and all professions therein
  • Associate members are entitled to attend and participate in annual meetings but they are not entitled to vote

Membership Application

Any society/section that satisfies the qualifications as set out above may apply for membership.  
Applications for WFPI membership are made through the WFPI’s Secretariat ( by an authorized officer representing the applicant. The application should include the following:  

  1. Adequate identifying information,
  2. Copies of constitution/bylaws and any internal regulations (up to date) or satisfactory official documentation in lieu of these,
  3. Names of any current executive officers and the address of the secretary,
  4. A census of full or active membership, with or without individual names, 
  5. Justification for inclusion as a Regional, National or Supranational Member.
Membership fees
On 8 September 2012 and (as revised) in June , the WFPI Council set admission fees as follows:


  • For Regional member organizations: 220 US$/year standard fee; 60 US$/year concessional fee,
  • For National/Supranational member organizations: 180 US$/year standard fee; 30 US$/year concessional fee.
  • For Associate member organizations: 150 US$/year standard fee; 20 US$/year concessional fee.


Fees are due per organization, NOT per the heads of individual practitioners belonging to an organization. 

In other words they are paid as a lump sum calculated according to membership category and standard/concessional status only. This sum DOES NOT VARY according to the number of individual members an organization has. 

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