WFPI in South Africa, August 2013


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Dr. Jennifer Nicholas
Chair, Digital Education and Social Media Committee



WFPI Mission
Communication and collaboration between pediatric imaging practitioners, via their organizations
Advocating for appropriate practices and resource allocation for children
Patient safety, in particular radiation safety and protection
Outreach and training in lower resource settings
Provision of information & resources




Visiting professorships

Drs. Dorothy Bulas and Kassa Darge visited the  Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital in Cape Town.  Dr. Bulas gave talks in the Department of Radiology which is under the leadership of Dr. Tray Kilborn and Dr. Darge had a presentation in Department of Intensive Care at the invitation of pediatricians Prof. Mignon McCulloch and Prof Andrew Argent. Both were also visiting professors at the Tygerberg Hospital of the  Stellenbosch University whose  executive head is Richard Pitcher, also a pediatric radiologist.   Dr. Vicci du Plessis helped arranged a visit for Drs. Bulas and Darge to Grey’s Hospital in Pietermaritzburg about one hour drive from Durban.


Dr. Darge also flew to Johannesburg to be a visiting professor at the Charlotte Maxeke Academic Hospital of the University of the Witwatersrand, hosted by pediatric radiologists, Jaishree Naidu and Tanyia Pillay. At this occasion he was also able to visit the newly opened unit for young radiology researchers headed by Prof. Savvas Andronikou.

The issues this country faces are daunting, but the drive for excellence by the physicians we met was inspiring. Much research is being generated and access to MR and CT, while limited is growing. The lack of pediatric radiology fellowships was discussed at each center and the need to provide educational resources via the WFPI web site addressed.  We hope that this visit was just the beginning of many future collaborations coordinated through the WFPI.

Dr. Tracy Kilburn, head of Pediatric Division




Click here for the profile of the South African Society for Paediatric Imaging (SASPI) - the driving force behind this "WFPI Roadshow"


In August 2013 a team from the United States was invited by Prof. Leon J van Rensburg to give a course on neonatal ultrasound imaging during the SORSA-RSSA (Society of Radiographers of South Africa and the Radiological Society of South Africa) 2013 meeting in Durban, South Africa, August 2013.  Drs. Dorothy Bulas, Kassa Darge and Carol Barnewolt gave over 26 lectures on US topics from head to MSK including fetal for radiologists and sonographers from South Africa as well as other African countries.

L->R: Drs. Carol Barnewolt, Kassa Darge, Leon Van Rensburg (Chair), Dorothy Bulas, SORSA-RSSA Imaging Congress, Durban August 2013

Under the guidance of WFPI outreach leader, Prof. Savvas Andronikou, several  visiting professorships were then arranged to teach, talk about WFPI, and learn about outreach issues.


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